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SviCloud Fitness Circle GYM R1 - Exclusive Entertainment Fitness Wristband for SviCloud TV Box

SviCloud- R1
✅. SviCloud Fitness Circle GYM R1 Grand Listed in 2023, Please Concern, Enjoy!  
✅. The best partner for SviCloud TV Box. The most surprising product from SviCloud company.
✅. Support all versions of SviCloud TV Boxes. Including the latest SviCloud 9P TV box, 9S, 8P, 3Pro, 8S, etc;
✅. Loose weight while playing games, Dozens of games are FREE to use;
✅. Great gift for your lover, parents and kids;
✅. Bring more joy and laughter into your life.
✅. Multilanguage supported. Worldwide availability​​​​​​.
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SviCloud Fitness Circle GYM R1 - Exclusive Entertainment Fitness Wristband for SviCloud TV Box
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SviCloud Fitness Circle GYM R1
(2023 New Arrival, Exclusive Entertainment Fitness Wristband for All SviCloud TV Boxes - 9P, 9S, 8P, 3Pro, 8S...)

SviCloud GYM R1 was launched in September 2023. It is the Exclusive Entertainment Fitness Circle, which is suitable for all versions of SviCloud TV Boxes.

▶. One-time Payment + SVI GYM APP Fee + Lifetime Use.
▶. Free Shipping worldwide. Ships within 48 hours after payment.
▶. 100% SviCloud Official genuine products, quality assurance.
▶. Have a professional technical team and a customer team to support users. Please rest assured that use.

"SviCloud GYM R1 Fitness Circle" Main Functions:
✅. The best partner for SviCloud TV Box. 2023 new Arrivals. The most surprising product from SviCloud company.
✅. Support all versions of SviCloud TV Boxes. Including the latest SviCloud 9P TV box, 9S, 8P, 3Pro, 8S, etc;
✅. Loose weight while playing games, Dozens of games are FREE to use;
✅. Great gift for your lover, parents and kids;
✅. Bring more joy and laughter into your life. 
✅. Multilanguage supported. Worldwide availability​​​​​​.

"SviCloud GYM R1 Fitness Circle" Main Configurations:
✅. Size: 320mm×320mm×60mm;
✅. Suitable crowd: over 12 years old;
✅. Product material: environmental protection TPE, PP;
✅. Connection method: wireless connection Product weight: ≈700g;
✅. Battery capacity: 500mAH/250mAH;
✅. Sleep conditions: Stand still for 5 minutes;
✅. Working power supply: 5V;
✅. Battery voltage: 3.7V~4.2V;
✅. Working temperature: -10°C~+40°C;
✅. Working humidity: 20%~80%;

What is SviCloud 9P?
What is SviCloud GYM R1?
A "Fitness Circle" refers to a piece of exercise equipment used in Pilates and other fitness routines. It is also commonly known as a "Pilates Ring" or "Magic Circle." 

The SviCloud GYM R1 Fitness Circle is a flexible ring, made of TPE and PP, with two padded handles on opposite sides. It's designed to add resistance to various exercises and help engage different muscle groups during workouts. You can exercise through various built-in games.
SviCloud 9P support live TV channels
SviCloud 9P support HD Movies

Why buy SviCloud GYM R1?
Interesting, compact and portable, ideal for home workouts.
You can expand more fun ways to exercise by connecting the SviCloud TV box.
SviCloud 9P support Live Sports Games
SviCloud 9P support TV Shows
How to sep up SviCloud 9P?
Setting up a SviCloud GYM R1 Fitness Circle (Pilates Ring or Magic Circle) for your workout is straightforward.

Multilanguage support, No matter what country you are from, you can use the SviCloud Fitness Circle in all aspects by installing the SviCloud Fitness App. Exercise through a series of very interesting games. 

Pay attention to on-screen instructions provided by the app. It could guide you through warm-up exercises, proper form, and gameplay mechanics.

SviCloud GYM R1 Fitness Circle Features & Advantages
Discover clearly on the SviCloud GYM R1 fitness circle.
The features and advantages of a GYM Fitness Circle (also known as a Pilates Ring or Magic Circle) include:

☑. Durable Construction:  
GYM Fitness Circles are typically made from sturdy materials like metal or flexible rubber, designed to withstand the rigors of various exercises.

☑. Strength and Toning:
Fitness Circles are effective for building muscle strength and tone, particularly in the core, legs, and arms.

☑. Improved Flexibility:
They can assist in deepening stretches, enhancing flexibility, and increasing range of motion.

☑. Variety:
Adding a Fitness Circle to your workouts can introduce variety, preventing exercise routines from becoming monotonous and helping to maintain motivation.

☑. Portability:
Their compact size makes them easy to transport and use anywhere, providing flexibility in your fitness routine.

☑. Suitable for Different Fitness Levels:
Fitness Circles are suitable for both beginners and advanced exercisers. You can adjust the level of resistance by varying the pressure applied during exercises.

☑. Enhanced Core Work:
They are particularly useful for targeting the core muscles, helping to improve core strength and stability.

☑. Cost-Effective:
They are relatively affordable compared to other fitness equipment, offering value for the benefits they provide.

☑. Easy to Learn:
Many exercises with Fitness Circles are easy to learn and can be adapted to various fitness levels and abilities.

☑. Progress Tracking:
You can monitor your progress by tracking metrics like repetitions, sets, and resistance levels, which can help you set and achieve fitness goals and effective workouts.



SviCloud 9P Media Player Box

SviCloud GYM R1 Fitness Circle Packing List
What you will get with the SviCloud GYM R1?
When you purchase the SviCloud GYM R1, you can expect to receive a comprehensive package of features and benefits. Here's what you will get with the SviCloud GYM R1:

1. SviCloud GYM R1 Fitness Circle:
This is the main item, a circular ring made of TPE and PP, with padded handles on opposite sides. It's the core piece of equipment used for exercises.

2. Product Manual:
Provides guidance on how to use the circle correctly, safety precautions, and some basic exercises to get you started.

3. Power Cable:

4. Leg Sensor:
A sensor device that is designed to be worn on or around the leg to monitor and track various aspects of physical activity, movement, or performance. These sensors are commonly used in sports, fitness, and health-related applications to gather data and provide insights into an individual's activities or exercises.
Why Choose to Buy from Us?
✦. We are the SVICLOUD-authorized reseller & distributor, we only sell genuine products.
✦. Provide FREE SHIPPING service worldwide.
✦. Provide LIFETIME after-sale service.
✦. We give a One-Year Official Warranty. Official guarantee, 100% satisfied.

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Traditional cable TV has a lot of channels, but only a few of them are worth watching. Many live channels have been cut, and it is difficult to watch overseas channels, not to mention having to be in front of the TV at the right time to watch. Using the Yogurt App that comes with the small cloud box, viewers can choose what they want to watch, without any time restrictions, greatly upgrading your viewing experience.

✦. Best Smart TV Box for Adults and Children:
SviCloud offers exclusive Apps for both Adults and Children. Rich content, completely Free.
SviCloud's child protection mechanism can set passwords for adult content so that children at home can not accidentally see adult content.

✦. Easy to Use, Suitable for All Ages:
Just connect to the Internet and a TV or computer screen with an HDMI port, and you can install it yourself within a few minutes. If you have any questions, our after-sales service will provide detailed guidance. The small cloud box is also the only network TV box that provides a setup wizard to assist you in setting up your network and screen size.

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Why buy a SviCloud TV box?

Is SviCloud TV Box Worth It?  Absolutely yes, Buy SviCloud TV Box, You can have a lot of fun:

✓. No More Expensive Cable Bills. Only SviCloud TV Box Hardware Fee.
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✓. You Get Over 1000 Ordinary & Premium Channels Instantly(Worldwide).
All TV Channels are 100% FREE.
✓. You Get Over 400,000 Movies & TV Shows (VOD).
All VOD contents are 100% FREE.
✓. You Get Kids, Adults channels. 
All are 100% FREE.
✓. You Get Solid IPTV Service, Without Buffering and Freezing (Stable Internet Required). Our IPTV Service is Always Up 99,99 % of the Time!
✓. You Get a Better Price, Factory Wholesale Price & Agent Price.
✓. You Get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
✓. You Get 24/7 Professional Customer Service.


Thank you for considering the SviCloud TV box for your streaming media player needs.

We look forward to serving you and helping you enjoy your favorite digital content on your TV set.

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