What's the Difference Between Svicloud 8P and Unblock UBox10?

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By SviCloud | 28 January 2023 | 0 Comments

What's the Difference Between Svicloud 8P and Unblock UBox10?

SviCloud 8P is a TV box launched by SviCloud Technology in October 2021, while Unblock UBox 10 is a TV box launched by Unblock Technology in December 2022.

So, what is the difference between SviCloud 8P and Unblock UBox 10? What are the special features of each, which TV box should I choose?

What's the Difference Between Svicloud 8P and Unblock UBox10?

1. About the Function:

Both SviCloud 8P and Unblock UBox 10 support:
• Live TV broadcast
• VOD on demand
• Live sports
• 7 days of playback
• Children's application
• Adult App

But Timeshift and Karaoke are only supported with the SviCloud 8P.  Also SviCloud 8P has the strongest stability of live TV and VOD broadcast.

2. About Hardware:

Both SviCloud 8P and Unblock UBox 10 come with 4G RAM and 64G ROM. And both support AI voice control and lifetime free upgrade functions.

But Unblock UBox 10 has a high configuration of CPU and a higher version of the Android system.

3. About Quality Assurance:
Both SviCloud 8P and Unblock UBox 10 offer a one-year official warranty. 
Actually, both are very popular in the market. 

4. About the Price:
The retail price of SviCloud 8P is USD 228, while the retail price of Unblock UBox 10 is USD 238.

Below is a comparison chart between SviCloud 8P and Unblock UBox 10.

What's the Difference Between Svicloud 8P and Unblock UBox10?

All in all, both SviCloud 8P and Unblock UBox 10 are the most popular smart Android TV boxes in the market.

SviCloud 8P is an older model compared with UBox10. If your budget is sufficient, UBox10 is a good choice.

If you have a higher pursuit of VOD on-demand resource content and want more functions such as Timeshift and Karaoke, then
SviCloud 8P must be your first choice.

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