What is the difference between SviCloud 9P and 8P?
By SviCloud | 25 May 2023 | 0 Comments

What is the difference between SviCloud 9P and 8P?

SviCloud 9P was launched in May, 2023. While SviCloud 8P was launched in Nov 2021.
Both are super popular for Overseas Chinese and worldwide customers.
SviCloud 9P and SviCloud 8P are both advanced TV boxes that offer impressive features, but they have some differences that set them apart. Here are the key distinctions between the two:
1. The appearance is upgraded, and the heat dissipation holes are added. It has better heat dissipation performance and is more stable in use.
2. Add one more USB interface, upgraded from 1 to 2 in the previous generation - SviCloud 8P.
3. The remote control has been greatly upgraded, adding an "Infrared learning function" and "Custom shortcut keys function";
4. Real HD-supported TV box on the market.  The latest AV1 decoding is used to restore more realistic colors and higher-definition picture quality.
5. Dolby audio track and subtitle optional function. Watching movies has a stronger audio-visual experience.
6. New upgraded Android 12.0 systemUpgraded Multi-National Subtitle Technology.
It's important to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing between the SviCloud 9P and 8P. If you prioritize cutting-edge technology, 8K resolution, and enhanced performance, the 9P might be the ideal choice.
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