The Most Detailed Introductions for SviCloud 8P TV Box

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By SviCloud TV Box | 24 December 2022 | 0 Comments

The Most Detailed Introductions for SviCloud 8P TV Box

SviCloud 8P is a top model of streaming media player sold by the SviCloud TV box brand. Which was launched in 2022. It is an Android-based device that allows users to stream digital content on their TV sets. The SviCloud 8P model is marketed as having upgraded features and performance compared to previous SviCloud models.

Below are the most detailed introductions for the SviCloud 8P TV box. 

1. Appearance
The sleek and minimalist design is beautiful and stylish.

2. Accessories and Interfaces
It comes with a voice-activated Bluetooth remote control, and you'll notice that it has a learning button for your TV's power. It also has an optical fiber interface for connecting to your TV's audio system.

3. 8K Video
It supports up to 8K decoding, with picture-in-picture capability for 4K video and 4K graphics. Unfortunately, there are no 8K sources available for testing at the moment. Currently, 8K decoding can only handle 30 frames per second, while 4K can handle 60 frames per second. For TVs under 75 inches, 4K is more than enough.

4. Dolby Audio Support
It's currently the only TV box on the market with Dolby channel support. When playing on-demand content, you can press the menu button on the remote control or use the down arrow key to select whether to use Dolby Audio. If you have a home audio system or plan to buy one in the future, the SVICLOUD TV box is definitely the way to go. However, please note that when purchasing an audio system, make sure to buy one with Dolby decoding capability and confirm that it has an optical SPDIF interface (which is usually included). In my personal experience, watching 4K movies on SVICLOUD with a good TV audio system, selecting Dolby Audio, is an absolutely fantastic viewing experience.

5. High Definition
By using the Orz browser in the SVICLOUD TV box and entering, you can download Yogurt TV. When you open this app, you'll have access to high-definition movies, TV shows, variety shows, and sports. You'll find mainland Chinese dramas, Hong Kong and Taiwan dramas, Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, American dramas, Singaporean and Malaysian dramas, and even Thai dramas. Friends who love to watch dramas will be overjoyed. Don't be afraid of not knowing what to watch, be afraid of comparing the goods. Once you get used to high-definition content on the SVICLOUD TV box, you won't want to try other TV box brands again, or you might even return them. It seems that the slogan of the SVICLOUD company, "Buy SVICLOUD to enjoy high-definition viewing," is not just a slogan. Only SVICLOUD can provide such high-quality on-demand content, which requires strong transcoding technology and powerful CDN capabilities. The key is that it loads so quickly, basically playing in seconds.

6. Multilingual subtitles
Nowadays, many TV boxes come with multilingual subtitles, which are external subtitles. This allows viewers to freely switch between Chinese, English, Malay, and even Japanese and Korean while watching movies.

7. Playback speed control
I personally find this playback speed control function very thoughtful. 1.5x speed is just right, it does not affect the viewing experience and can save time. Many other brands do not have this feature.

8. Live TV
With the SviCloud TV box, major channels from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Singapore, Europe and America can be accessed, and the quality is also very high, and the loading speed is fast.

9. Left-click time shift
This is an exclusive feature of the SviCloud TV box. If you are watching a football game and need to go to the bathroom, but unfortunately the goal is scored while you are away, don't get angry. You just need to press the left arrow key on the remote control to go back to the goal scene and watch it again as many times as you want. After watching, you can exit to the normal live viewing state. Currently, only the SviCloud TV box can do this, and sports fans who like to watch sports matches should pay special attention to this feature. Of course, not all live channels support this feature, but major sports and news channels do. Please pay attention to the program list for the replay mark.

10. Children's exclusive App
SviCloud Company provides a specially designed app for children called "Yogurt Kids." It has rich content, including children's favorite Disney and Studio Ghibli movies. If there are children in the family, SviCloud TV box is the preferred choice for parents because they can be more at ease and prevent children from accessing inappropriate content.

11. Enjoy Family Karaoke
Though some other brands may claim to offer the same feature, they are actually third-party add-ons that require additional fees after a trial period. If you love singing Karaoke or listening to music at home, the SviCloud TV box is your top choice.

12. Use voice control to find movies with ease
Since the SviCloud TV box introduced voice recognition, many other TV box brands have followed suit. However, SviCloud's recognition accuracy and speed are the highest, likely due to the expertise of their technical team.

In summary, after comparing several major TV box brands on the market, we have the following conclusions:

(1) Live Streaming:
To be honest, most brands are similar in terms of live-streaming performance, with no significant differences. However, if you are looking for stable sports game streaming, we recommend the SviCloud TV box due to its excellent rewind functionality. You can easily find and watch the missed goals or exciting moments.

(2) Movie Playback:
Compared to other brands, the SviCloud Android TV box has a significant advantage in high-definition viewing. To prove this, you can compare two identical TVs with any other TV box and the SviCloud TV box. We believe you will agree with our conclusion that the SviCloud TV box offers the best picture quality and a wide selection of movies.

(3) Yogurt Kids:
The SviCloud TV box product team is very considerate of families with young children. If you have kids at home, we recommend the SviCloud 8P, the previous SviCloud 3Pro or the newest model, 8S (note that the 8S is not available yet).

(4) Dolby Audio Track:
If you have a TV audio system that supports Dolby decoding, you can only use the SviCloud TV box with Yogurt or Luca to enjoy Dolby Audio Track. Other TV boxes claim to support Dolby decoding as well, but only the SviCloud TV box has the Dolby Audio Track built-in. Other brands may support Dolby decoding, but without the Audio Track, the sound quality will be far from perfect. Simply put, if you want to enjoy the true and immersive Dolby experience, only the SviCloud TV box can provide it.

(5) Function of Family Karaoke:
Currently, only SviCloud TV box provides this feature, which offers free lifetime karaoke software. Personally, I don't like singing karaoke at home, but it's still good for playing MV and listening to songs. There are a lot of songs in it, up to 100,000+. If you like singing karaoke at home, you can consider it. Other brands of smart TV boxes also claim to support karaoke, but they require downloading third-party karaoke software such as K-song. This karaoke software may have free trial periods initially, but they will become chargeable after a while.

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