How does the Svicloud TV Box Connect the Speaker and Microphone for Karaoke?

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By SviCloud TV Box | 30 April 2021 | 0 Comments

How does the Svicloud TV Box Connect the Speaker and Microphone for Karaoke?

What Karaoke APP need to install on SviCloud TV box?
Where to open Karaoke APP on SviCloud TV box? 
How to use Karaoke APP on SviCloud TV box? 
Is Karaoke free on SviCloud TV box? 

SviCloud 8P and 3Pro supports KTV server! You can choose to download different karaoke apps and sing karaoke at home! Sing at anytime, anywhere!

How to sing Karaoke using App on SviCloud TV box?
You can choose to install apps like "SviCloud Karaoke“ to sing karaoke. No matter what type of singer you like, you can also find the song you want to sing through the singer list. After pressing the microphone icon, you can see the song is downloading. Download different songs and you can sing happily!

You can also download other singing apps in Application Market or Google Play Store . With 4GB RAM + 64GB Flash Storage, you can download as many app as you like! 

How does the Svicloud TV Box Connect the Speaker and Microphone for Sing Karaoke?
1. Connect the power supply.
2. Then connect the HDMI interface. 
3. Then connect the audio output line.  One is the set-top box, then this end is connected to our sound bar. That's how our devices are connected. 

Let's go in through the Karaoke fuction below. All songs are FREE. Just Enjoy Yourself.
1. There is a "Happy Family" in the home page.
2. Open it and now this interface is where we enter the "Happy Family" interface.
3. This is the place to order songs. There have four ways to order songs. One is based on the singer, one is according to the language, one is based on the historical records you have sung before. 
4. Select the songs and you can add the song to your point song list. 
5. Then click on the microphone and you can start singing directly.


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