Best Detailed Introductions for SviCloud 8S TV Box

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By SviCloud TV Box | 11 January 2023 | 0 Comments

Best Detailed Introductions for SviCloud 8S TV Box

SviCloud 8S is a TV box developed by SviCloud Company for ordinary users. Compared with the higher-end SviCloud  8P and SviCloud  3Pro, 8S has reduced hardware configuration and a more affordable price. If you only plan to use it to watch live TV or movies, TV shows. And there is no high requirement for hardware configuration, it's really a very good choice.

1. Appearance
The main color is noble black, beautiful and fashionable.

2. Accessories and interfaces
Infrared remote control. Optical fiber interface, used to connect TV audio;

Support up to 6K decoding, according to the current 4K TV below 75 inches is completely enough.

4. HD
Through the Orz browser in the SviCloud TV box, enter, you can download Yogurt TV. Open this App, you can watch very high-definition movies, TV series, variety shows, and sports. Mainland dramas, Hong Kong and Taiwan dramas, Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, American dramas, Singaporean dramas, Malay dramas, and even Thai dramas, friends who like dramas are really blessed. Don't be afraid of not knowing the goods, but be afraid of comparing goods. Friends who use SviCloud TV boxes may never go back again. Once you get used to high-definition, you will never want to try other brands of TV boxes, for fear that you will return them. It seems that SviCloud's promotional slogan "Watching dramas and buying SviCloud is to buy SviCloud in high-definition" is really not just talk. Only SviCloud can achieve such high-definition on-demand. Only strong CDN capabilities can do it. The key is that such high-definition can also be loaded so quickly, basically in seconds.

5. Multi-national subtitles
Nowadays, many TV boxes have multi-national subtitles, which are the kind of external subtitles. In this way, you can freely switch between Chinese, English, Malay, and even Japanese and Korean when watching a movie.

6. Play at double speed
Personally, I think this double-speed playback function is very considerate. 1.5 times speed is just right. It does not affect the viewing experience and saves time. Many other brands do not have it.

7. Live streaming
With the SviCloud TV box, the main channels of Channel 4 in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Singapore, Europe and the United States can be watched, and they are also very high-definition, and the loading is also very fast...

8. Left key time shift
This is an exclusive function of the SviCloud TV box. If you need to go to the bathroom while watching a football game, it is a coincidence that he scored a goal while you were going to the bathroom. Don't be angry. You only need to press the left arrow key on the remote control to go back to the goal shot just now, and watch it again, as many times as you like. After watching, exit to the normal state of watching the live broadcast. At present, only the SviCloud TV box can do it. Friends who like to watch sports games need to pay special attention to this function, which is specially made for sports fans. Of course not all live
All channels support this function, but the main sports channels and news channels all support it. For details, please pay attention to the playback sign of the program list.

A comprehensive comparison of several major brands of TV boxes on the market is summarized as follows:
(1). Watching Live TV: 
To be honest, each brand is similar, and the difference is not obvious. Neither can achieve absolute stability. If you require absolute stability, you still have to choose the service of the operator. but only
If it is a brand, SviCloud, Ambow, and EVPAD can basically achieve the stability of the service, that is, the channel may be broken, but it can be repaired soon. These have all accepted the
However, if you love to watch live sports games, it is recommended to buy a SviCloud TV box, because I personally prefer the left-click time-shift function, which is still very useful, miss it.  You can find your goals or other wonderful moments immediately;

(2). Watching Movies or TV Shows: 
I personally think that SviCloud has an obvious advantage over other brands, that is, high-definition. A serious friend can find two identical TVs, and find any other
Comparing the brand TV box with the SviCloud TV box, I believe you all agree with me. And not only high-definition but also many dramas, a moderator of 7degree made a comparison before, After a general look, SviCloud's plays are very numerous and complete. And I found that SviCloud's server is really powerful, so the high-definition scenes load very quickly and very smoothly.

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